5W COB DownLight

  • Spec

    • Integrated COB area light-source, perfect heat radiation structure, low heat producing, high luminous efficiency, long service-life, the luminous decay is no more than 5% in 6,000 hours
    • Excellent heat radiation performance: COB patented technology, low thermal resistance, high heat conductance
    • No glare, eye protecting
    • Long service-life: separated electric and heat circuit, to satisfy the service-life more than 30,000 hours, 3 years' warranty
    • High color rendering: CRI is more than 75
    • Simple and light: simple lighting fixture, PC shell, simple installation, to implement the advantage of LED lighting fixture
    • Large area flux: light radiation angle is 120º, high-class Epistar chip applied, light-source luminous flux > 80LM/W, no secondary optical design needed
    • Diverse options: 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K, frosted or transparent surface optional
    • High standard guarantee: Japanese design power supply guarantees product service-life and efficiency (power factor >98%, efficiency >85, no electrolytic capacitor applied